• August 15, 2016

French Official Talks About Workers’ Rights at Nissan

French Official Talks About Workers’ Rights at Nissan

A member of the French Parliament was in Jackson on Tuesday expressing support for Nissan workers’ right to unionize in Mississippi.

WJTV spoke with Christian Hutin at the Medgar Evers home.

The French state is a long-term shareholder in Renault, a company that owns over 40 percent of the shares in Nissan.

In December, the National Labor Relations Board Claimed that Nissan was violating workers’ rights.

Hutin tells us that he takes the workers’ rights very seriously because it is a matter of human rights.

“Expression rights, association rights, human rights, and civil rights are the same thing for me,” said Hutin.

We reached out to Nissan about the French official’s visit and workers’ rights.

In a statement the company says:

“Nissan not only respects labor laws, but we work to ensure that all employees are aware of these laws, understand their rights and enjoy the freedom to express their opinions and elect their representation as desired.”


Source: WJTV – News Channel 12

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