Mississippi Alliance for Fairness at Nissan (MAFFAN) is an organization representing clergy, elected officials, civil rights activists and students in Mississippi. We created this unique collaboration of individuals to help amplify the voices of the men and women working at Renault-Nissan in Canton, MS. We are asking the public to look deeper than the surface of Renault-Nissan, beneath the shine, to see what’s actually taking place.

There is an on-going anti-union campaign happening daily within the Canton plant. The company wants to continue to hide from their responsibilities of creating a safe working conditions, real health benefits and job security. Their campaign of fear spreads lies to the workers, saying a union will close the plant. They go to great lengths to continue exploiting MS workers. They host individual anti-union talks with workers, interrogate employees about their views on the union, show anti-union videos, and hold anti-union group meetings. They threaten key leaders within the plant that have expressed pro-union views. They continuously demonize unions and all union related activities.

People lose limbs, sustain lifelong injuries and often times are refused light-duty or workman’s compensation. Senior workers are forced out of their positions with faulty drug testing. Workers have even died inside the plant. We can’t sit by and allow this to happen to Mississippians.

If the other 42 Nissan plants across the world are unionized, why not Mississippi? Why is it okay to treat MS like a cheap labor state? We won’t stand by while Nissan scares the people of MS. We demand a fair and neutral election. Let the workers decide what’s best for them without fear.

Please sign the petition. Workers need to see that they are not alone in this struggle. Let Nissan and others know where you stand. Please stand with Nissan workers for We Deserve Better Mississippi!

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